Strawberry Macaroon Squishy Wax

Strawberry Macaroon Squishy Wax

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Strawberry Macaroon- A tantalizing mixture of sweet strawberry and rhubarb blended with creamy vanilla and spun sugar, reminiscent of a decadent, cool dessert on a hot summer day.

Squishy Wax melts are the new improved way to fill your home or space with 10x the fragrance load of traditional wax cubes.  They last much, much longer than traditional wax cubes. The squishy pouch with spout is not only easier to open and use but also fun to just squish.

 Soy/Coconut squishy wax melts are eco-friendly and renewable, American grown, carbon neutral, Phthalate free and Vegan. 

Squishy Wax Directions:

Knead pouch into a squishy consistency and squeeze as much as you like into your warmer. It doesn't take very much to fill your room with fragrance. Once you're done with the used wax soak it up with a cotton ball or paper towel and discard in the trash and refill your warmer with new squishy wax. Keep in room temperature and away from sunlight. 

Ingredients: Soy wax, Coconut Oil, Fragrance Oil, Mica powder, Dye

Burn within sight. Keep away from flammable objects. Keep away from children and pets.

Burning Instructions:
To prevent Fir or Injury: Remove packaging before use. Use only in tea-light warmers or UL listed electric warmers approved for wax melts. Read and follow all instructions provided with your warmer before use. Do NOT leave warmer unattended while in use. 

Instructions: Do NOT add water. Do NOT melt on stove top or in non-approved appliances. Use only in well ventilated areas away from flammable materials. Discontinue use if dish contains less than 1/2" of wax.